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From repairs to new installs

No matter how strong or expensive your commercial garage door is, its overall performance and quality with degrade through time. Likewise, without periodic maintenance and repair, your garage door can fall off or malfunction at any moment.

To prevent this from happening, you can always count on us Royal Garage Door Repair. Our highly trained technicians can do all sorts of repair on your garage door opener, tracks, cables, springs, door panel, hoist repair, rollers and more.

Likewise, if your garage door is beyond repair stage, then we recommend you to install a new one for your warehouse and buildings. We have an array of known brands of garage doors such as Clopay, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, C.H.I., and Amarr.

To know more of our services and best deals, give us a quick call anytime. We are accessible on round-the-clock basis.


What are commercial garage doors?

These are high-quality and durable garage doors used for business operations and warehousing. The material and style of your garage door depends on its function and your estimated budget.

Moreover, there are different types of commercial garage doors for you to choose from, that is, overhead, fire rated, roll up, and scissor-style garage doors.


How important is insulation in my commercial overhead door?

An excellent insulation for your commercial garage door is highly important because it maintains normal temperature in your building and warehouse, filters noise, and more durable.


24 hour emergency service

No matter where you are in Greenacres, Florida, it is best if you have a reliable garage door repair partner that is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your commercial garage doors are used extensively on round-the-clock basis, so there is a huge risk that it can bog down anytime. Consequently, a non-working commercial garage door can lead to a slowed or complete stoppage of your business operation.

To avail our emergency service, simply call our line and give us the details of your concern. After the call, our mobile team will be there in your building within 30 minutes. We will carefully inspect all parts of your garage door to pinpoint the root cause of the malfunction.

To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us anytime.

Services We Offer:
  • Garage Door Opener replacement
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Garage door Spring Replacement
  • Emergency Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door
  • Garage Door Repair
  • And many more

Services we offer

We at Royal Garage Door Repair provides an array of repair solutions for any model and type of commercial garage doors. Here are some of the best solutions we deliver to our clients.

Spring repair

Your garage door spring is responsible for the opening and closing of your garage doors. Typically, a spring is expected to last for 10,000 cycles of opening/closing. Through time, this spring will wear out and it can affect how your garage door opens or closes.

How to adjust commercial overhead door springs?

Our professional technicians have sufficient experience and knowledge when it comes to adjusting the tightness of your overhead door springs. Likewise, we have the proper tools to safely carry out this task with ease and on the same day. Call us for your overhead door spring adjustment.

Cable repair

When your door springs breaks, it can no longer support the heavy weight of your garage door. However, no need to worry about that as long as your door cables are there and in excellent condition. It serves as a backup for lifting and holding the weight of your door when your spring retires.

If you have any concerns regarding your door cables, do not hesitate to call us right away. We provide on-time, dependable, and affordable garage cable repair in the area.

Roller repair

When your garage door seems to be squeaking upon closing or opening, it might be that the rollers are problematic or require lubrication. However, if your door extensively shakes and creates loud noise during operation, it means your rollers need to be repaired or replaced.

In that case, repairing or replacing your rollers will be easier when you call us for our professional garage door roller repair. We can effectively handle all types of rollers, may it be steel or nylon rollers. Call us anytime.

Track repair

There will be instances when your tracks can come off and it will definitely affect the performance of your garage door. For it to be convenient on your part, you can call our professional technicians to have a look at it.

Our technicians will do the following steps to repair your tracks.

  • Examine if the tracks are still secured to the wall
  • Roller alignment and adjustment
  • Cleaning and lubrication of tracks
  • Test run of the tracks if it is okay already
Opener repair

Our technicians in Royal Garage Door Repair will inspect the various culprits for your faulty door opener and apply the necessary repairs. Some of the common cause for a broken opener include

  • Burnt motor
  • Disconnection from power source
  • Faulty parts in your door opener
  • Broken remote control

One of the good door openers you can have is the Ryobi Garage Door Opener. It is a modular door opener, which means it is highly expandable and customizable. You can add other features for this door opener such as bluetooth speaker, smoke detector, AI parking assistance, and a fan.

How to wire commercial garage door opener?

Wiring your door opener is easier when you have our technicians to do it for you. We need to check if your opener has either a Security + or + 2.0 model. Likewise, if it has a screw or plug-in terminal. The common wire to use in this case is a 22 gauge wire.

How to adjust commercial garage door opener?

Our technicians have solid experience and knowledge when it comes to adjusting the components for all types and models of door openers. There are three things that need to be adjusted to secure good operation of your opener, that is, force, limit, and safety reverse.

How to program commercial garage door opener?

If you have any concerns regarding programming your door opener, just give us a quick call and let hour licensed technicians do it for you. They have extensive knowledge regarding the programming procedures for different types and models of door openers.

Hoist repair

Your problematic chain hoist can occur due to lack of maintenance or normal wear out process. When it comes to troubleshooting your chain hoist, we recommend if you allow our professional technicians to take care of it as it can be risky due to its huge amount of force. They can effectively tackle any concerns regarding your chain hoist such as slip clutch, broken pendant and pin, and rustic chain.

Overhead doors

Overhead garage door is one of the leading choices when it comes to a durable and cost-efficient commercial garage door in the area. However, when you encounter minor or major glitches of your overhead doors, you can always contact us Royal Garage Door Repair.

Through the years, we have never disappointed a single client for our repair solutions and new installation of overhead garage doors. Let us know your concerns by calling our hotline anytime.

Rolling steel doors

Your rolling steel doors can bog down at any moment, and you need to have a reputable partner when it comes to repairing or installing a new one for your commercial building. Royal Garage Door Repair is your best partner when it comes to any repair or installation of rolling steel doors.

Rollup truck door repair

Aside from commercial garage doors, we also cater to repairs of your rollup truck door. We can handle repairs and new installs for its different parts such as panels, locking mechanism, rollers, tracks, cables, springs, and its electronic elements.

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When it comes to repair or new installs of your commercial garage doors and rollup truck doors in Greenacres,Florida, Royal Garage Door Repair is the one you can count on. Our solid experience and extensive training for our technicians will guarantee your satisfaction.

For your reliable and affordable garage door repair solutions, call us anytime.

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